9th Year Anniversary for PONDERCENTRAL

To: All Pondercentral email subscribers and visitors to this website

Today marks the 9th anniversary of “Ponder on This.” When the service began in 1999, if someone had told me it would last this long I probably would have dismissed that prediction as improbable. Now, I cannot imagine not continuing it for at least another nine years (God willing, of course).

Over the years we have grown from about 25 email subscribers in the U.S. to hundreds of recipients, with a fairly large number as far away as Australia. These figures do not by any means reflect the total number of people who see the message each day, given that emails are often forwarded to numerous other folks. They also don’t indicate how many visit the site itself each day, or who subscribe via RSS.

When I review the private list of email subscribers, it’s very heartwarming to see there’s still a handful of email addresses that were in the original group of 25, as well as many other addresses that I know have been on the list for several years.

It continues to be my great pleasure to share this inspirational content with you, and it is my sincere hope the messages have consistently been of value to you in your personal journey down the spiritual path.

Kindest regards,

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