BEST of PONDER on THIS for Thursday, August 21st, 2008 by Jack Kornfield in A PATH WITH HEART

“We must remember that the world’s current problems are fundamentally a spiritual crisis, created by the limited vision of human beings – a loss of a sense of connection to our spiritual values. Political and economic change have never been sufficient in themselves to alleviate suffering when the underlying causes are not also addressed. The worst problems on earth – warfare, poverty, ecological destruction, and so forth – are created from greed, hatred, prejudice, delusion, and fear in the human mind. To expand the circle of our practice and to face the sorrow in the world around us, we must face these forces in ourselves. Einstein called us nuclear giants and ethical infants. Only when we have found a compassion, a goodness and understanding, that transcends our own greed, hatred and delusion, can we bring freedom alive in the world around us.”

                      Jack Kornfield, in “A Path With Heart”

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