PONDER on THIS for Friday, December 18th, 2009 by Pete Koerner in THE BELIEF FORMULA

“Every prayer is a thought and every thought is a prayer. The point is, we have thoughts traveling through our heads all the time; those we dwell on – those that receive extra attention and, therefore, extra energy – become manifest more quickly than those we ignore. If you pray, this is the mechanism you are counting on working for you. This is why you highlight these particular thoughts in the form of a prayer. You may have the imagery of God actually listening to you, waiting for you to need something bad enough to go to the trouble of asking Him for it, so He can swoop in and save you at just the right time.

In that case, you would at least have to believe that in those sequences of events, which just happened to end up with you going through the motions of a prayer action of some sort, you did one particular thing to attract God’s attention, at least on most of those occasions, and a certain percentage of the time things worked out your way. He either didn’t answer, or He did and you either realized it when it happened, or you didn’t. Either way, why not ask for what you want? If this mechanism works at all, it works because it is supposed to.”

                         Pete Koerner, in “The Belief Formula”

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