PONDER on THIS for Monday, April 12th, 2010 by Deborah Denicola in THE FUTURE THAT BROUGHT HER HERE

“Just as Jung believed that evolution is an ongoing process, it appears that the universe is conscious. Many of us are intentionally changing – can change and will change – our reality on this planet by affirmation and visualization. I believe that what the psychic poet William Blake called the “doors of perception” open as we inhabit the belief that they will. I believe that the sacredness of our environment, this Earth, can speak to us, just as developing intuition allows our bodies to speak to us.

We are returning to the laws of magic, which is really just the changing of consciousness at will, a holistic, harmonious way of being human. Our excursion into the faithless, rational, left-brained incarceration we have imposed on our species and on civilization, our belief in separation from our true source, and our lack of unity with one another has run its course. It is already over for many awakening souls alive in the present.”

                 Deborah Denicola, in “The Future That Brought Her Here”

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