PONDER on THIS for Friday, July 2nd, 2010 from WWW.CHANNELEDREADINGS.COM

“The fact is that your mind is like a snow globe – swirling, confused and flowing. When it settles down, you can see clearly through it until you shake it up again. Through meditation is how you allow your snow globe mind to settle. Meditation helps calm your mind, allowing clarity and insight to occasionally creep in. If only for a moment you accomplished this by letting your mind just “be.” You can’t impose any thoughts or emotions on your mind when meditating, nor concentrate on any events.  However, you shouldn’t try to suppress them either. Meditation is not about “emptying” your mind. Meditation is about “allowing” the experience of your mind’s energy to freely float. People struggle too much with trying to be spiritual. There is no need to struggle in order to prove your existence is worthwhile. In fact, it is in the absence of struggle where you become spiritual.”

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