PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, November 17th, 2010 by Alexis Eldridge in CONVERSATIONS WITH JESUS

“Worry no longer what your neighbor will think of you; bring about the most truth you can, at any an all moments. This is the first way to align with source energy. Nothing other than the absolute truth ought to be expressed at all times, despite whatever excuses you may find for doing otherwise. When one doesn’t always bring forth honesty, one’’s truest knowing of the divine – within and without – drifts farther and farther away.”

                     Alexis Eldridge, in “Conversations with Jesus”

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BONUS PONDER on THIS from ChanneledReadings.com

“The time when we all just made a living based on what we were expected to do is over. This breakdown of the economy is happening ‘for us’ and not ‘to us’. It is a perfect time to start over by remembering who we are and what we always wanted to do. Remember what you wanted to do before this all started. Once you remember what this is reorganize your priorities and implement it.”

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