PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, December 1st, 2010 by SARK in GLAD NO MATTER WHAT

“What to do with change
and losses…Practice allowing and transforming them. Remember that
healing and change happen in spirals and layers. See if you can open
your heart and arms to whatever changes happen and losses occur. I
sometimes tend to lay a template of the past onto the present and they
feel upset when “Things are not the same.” Then I start comparing what
used to be to what is not even known yet and forget to relax and just
open myself to something different.

Life presents us with so many chances to practice, because it’s constantly changing. The opposite of loss is not gain it is…found.

can you find within your losses? I recommend looking for the gifts
first. They might not appear immediately. I’m often convinced that this
time they’re just…Not there. This occurs to me in my mind. I’ve
learned that my mind is an unreliable guide – by itself. It makes up
stories and repeats fears and resistances. I’m practicing allowing my
mind to have some initial input, and then following my body and emotions
to decide what I actually do, or don’t do.”

                 SARK, in “Glad No Matter What”

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