PONDER on THIS for Friday, December 24th, 2010 by Fr. Anthony DeMello in THE WAY TO LOVE

“Compare the serene and simple splendor of a rose in bloom with the tensions and restlessness of your life. The rose has a gift that you lack; it is perfectly content to be itself. It has not been programmed from birth, as you have been, to be dissatisfied with itself, so it has not the slightest urge to be anything other than it is. That is why it possesses the artless grace and absence of inner conflict that among humans is only found in little children and mystics.”

            Fr. Anthony DeMello, in “The Way to Love”

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BONUS PONDER on THIS from ChanneledReadings.com

“2011 will be a year of realizations. People will start to realize that the world cannot continue on its current path. People will realize that you are not what you do, but what you contribute to the world. People will begin to realize that we are all connected to each other and everything. This is the year that people will start to see that the way the world is – is not sustainable for much longer. This will be a transitional or evolutionary realization year that we are entering – a time of monumental choice. This will be the year when people realize that they must forget and forgive their past and start anew.”


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