BEST of PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, February 1st, 2011 by David Simon in THE TEN COMMITMENTS

“Are there times when withholding or distorting the truth is evolutionary? Every person at some time has withheld the truth, distorted the truth or consciously lied. There are little lies and big lies. In the embracing the uncertainty of truth, there will be situations when not telling the truth may be the best response at that time.

If a friend has confided in you something about which they feel vulnerable, it may be an expression of your higher self not to respond honestly when interrogated by the town gossip. If your spouse asks you how they look in a certain piece of clothing, being completely forthright with your opinion may not always serve the greater good. Not telling the truth may be the most evolutionary option when the truth can cause tremendous harm to others. If a tyrant wants information about the location of an intended innocent victim, withholding that truth is the right thing to do.

A spiritual warrior is skilled in timing and finesse. The commitment to truth is unwavering; knowing when to conceal and when to reveal it is key to a successful life.”

               David Simon, in “The Ten Commitments”

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