PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 by Stuart Wilde in SIXTH SENSE

“Part of the art of developing the spiritual self, and inner knowing, is having the courage to know what it is that you do believe. You don’t have to have the path laid out for your, tick-tock all the way for the next 50 years. You must have to know that you have the strength to go to the next step, and that you have the courage to follow through and hang in there. Of course, once you embark on the journey, more often than not there is no turning back. As your consciousness grows, you become exhilarated by the flow of the God Force in your life. With every little burst of energy comes new perceptions and original creativity, and there’s no way you’re going back to the old ways.

The problem is, people tend to follow along for a while, then they come up against a boundary – the boundary of their knowledge or the boundary of what they feel as a social being. Or, perhaps they don’t feel they’re entitled to more. They may feel inadequate because they come from a very humble social background. Maybe they don’t speak the language of success, so they feel inferior. Don’t let these hangups hold you back. Hop over them and push against your comfort zones. It’s easy enough to do. “

                  Stuart Wilde, in “Sixth Sense”

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