PONDER on THIS for Monday, February 7th, 2011 by Rich Work GOD, THIS IS A GOOD BOOK!

“To change the world is to change yourself. Others are unable to give you the peace that you long for. It must come from within you. First, you must find the love within you – it is there. You might have to uncover it by removing the fears, doubts, and guilt of old thought patterns to see the beauty that lies beyond. When you stand in the radiance of that love, with shoulders no longer bent, raise your head to see the beauty around you; see the divine creation in all that your eyes behold; the water glass half full and filling to overflowing in an abundance of love; see the master that you are. See the world in the process of change, with the opportunity to manifest your new world according to your heart’s desires.”

               Rich Work, in “God, This is a Good Book!”

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