Pondercentral.com Important Notice – March 21, 2011

Subscribers please note that beginning Friday, April 1st, 2011, “PONDER on THIS”, which marked its 12th anniversary this past Friday, will switch to publishing “BEST of” “Ponder on This” messages three days a week (Mon-Wed-Fri). This step is being taken to ensure that all of the content from the first four years of the email-only service (i.e., 1999 – 2003) is posted to the Pondercentral.com website and available in the archives on the site. The vast majority of subscribers will experience no difference in the daily messages, but some of the service’s early adopters may recognize some of the early passages.

Most of the messages delivered by email for the years 2004 – 2006 have already been uploaded to the site as “BEST of” Ponders, as it’s been my policy since Pondercentral.com began in early 2007 to recycle content on a three to four-year basis. At this point, rather than reusing passages already on the site as “BEST of” messages, I felt it was important to get all of the “Ponder on This” messages out on the Web as part of the Pondercentral archive. As a reminder, you can always use that website archive to search for messages by category (e.g., abundance, forgiveness, Law of Attraction, relationships, God, and many more.)

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