PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 by Marianne Williamson in EVERYDAY GRACE

“Every day we’re confronted with a gap, often painfully wide, between the life we live now and a life of deep enchantment. As much as we might want to believe in the power of spiritual principles, we often feel like we don’t know how to apply them. At times, they seem so far away from our practical realities. Yet, in fact, they are only as far away as our next perception, should that perception be filled with love. No matter what the circumstance, we can choose to infuse it with light.

In every hour of every day, dealing with small details or dealing with huge issues, the alchemical power of our spiritual wands provides us a portal into another realm, a magic carpet ride above the turmoil of the world. This is not illusion, this is reality. From the time we awake to the time we go to sleep, heaven’s light – the understanding of higher principles – is available to us, should we have the courage to bring it down.”

              Marianne Williamson in “Everyday Grace”

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