PONDER on THIS for Friday April 1st, 2011 by Ping Li in AWAKENING

Your parents did the best they could. They gave you the best education they could offer. They gave you all their love and hope for you, but they also passed on the misunderstanding and suffering of their heart and soul. They also passed on to you their beliefs and values (consciously or unconsciously) through their behavior patterns and interactions with you and others. Their personal opinions, perceptions and attitudes toward life and the world were implanted in you as well…Your life lesson is an opportunity to learn about your own thoughts, beliefs, and feelings towards yourself, others and the world.

In truth, the only life lesson you have is to learn how to grow and expand more spiritually and become more conscious of your true nature. When you recognize your true self, you know that you are loved and are loving unconditionally within your being at all times. You don’t give in or do things you really don’t like in order to seek the love and approval of others. When you have love within yourself, you no longer need to seek love outside yourself, and you feel peaceful, harmonious and fulfilled at all times. You also understand that you are supported with everything you ever desired in all forms of the material world. You can manifest anything just by thinking about it. You know and experience who you really are.”

                    Ping Li, in “Awakening”
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