PONDER on THIS for Thursday, April 21st, 2011 by Sara Avant Stover THE WAY OF THE HAPPY WOMAN

“Silence is the container out of which your intuition can reveal itself. When your mind’s racing, when the music is blaring, or when a garbage truck is barreling down the street, it’s very hard to hear the subtle promptings of your inner wisdom. In a world where each moment can easily be filled with making phone calls, checking email, or sending text messages, short periods and, eventually, longer stretches of silence are imperative for cultivating a rich inner world…Silence recharges your batteries by stripping away the excess sensory stimulation from the outside world. It provides a container in which you can hear the voice of your soul. It’s the medicine that most of the world needs right now – and fears.”

           Sara Avant Stover, in “The Way of the Happy Woman”

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