PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 by Sanaya Roman in PERSONAL POWER THROUGH AWARENESS

“When you feel depreciated or drained by a stranger for no apparent reason, you are suffering from what has been called a “psychic whack.” These connections are messages from the universe telling you to pay attention to what you are doing to yourself, to look at ways you may be giving away your energy to those who cannot receive it. I call them reminders.

The minute you find yourself being whacked or depreciated, by someone you will probably not see again, or only know as a distant contact, look more closely at the relationships you have with friends and loved ones. You may be depreciating yourself in some way. If the universe cannot reach you with its messages about those close relationships, it will send a stranger to you to catch your attention. It is only a reminder that there is some area in your life in which you are undervaluing yourself. Thank the person for that reminder, and then begin to look more closely at your relationships. Ask, “Where am I giving out my energy and not having it returned?”

         Sanaya Roman, in “Personal Power through Awareness”

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