BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 by Dr. Carolyn Daitch in ANXIETY DISORDERS

“In both our homes and the workforce, our productivity is seen as a badge of honor. Most of us are sleep deprived. The lunch “hour” has been replaced by a quick snack at our desks or in our cars. In 2008, The Boston Globe reported that North Americans are allotted the fewest vacation days in the developed world, yet one-third of Americans use up less than half of their time off. Even commutes to and from work become an opportunity for multitasking.

The same Boston Globe article stated that nearly 70 percent of Americans eat while driving and 37 percent of those ages 19 to 27 text message while behind the wheel. Stephan Rechtshaffen (1996), author of Time Shifting: A Revolutionary New Approach to Creating More Time for Your Life, estimates that 95 percent of us experience time poverty. The pervasive sense of time urgency can overwhelm your body and emotions and stimulate the nervous system with a cascade of chemical reactions that elicit symptoms of anxiety.”

               Dr. Carolyn Daitch, in “Anxiety Disorders”

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