PONDER on THIS for Monday, May 2nd, 2011 by John Selby in EXPAND THIS MOMENT

“Most people agree that our entire universe was at some point created by nothingness by an infinite intelligent power. Absolutely everything in this universe is God’s creation, and yet most of us spend a great deal of time judging parts of God’s creation as bad, wrong, ugly, negative, sinful, evil, and so on.

Every time we negatively judge a person or situation, we are in essence telling God, “Hey, you really messed up on this one. This particular part of your creation sucks.”

What a thing to say to our Creator. What amazing gall our egos have, to stand in judgment of God’s creation. From my perspective, to condemn anything in this universe seems to be, at the very least, highly presumptuous.”

                 John Selby, in Expand this Moment

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Comment from Pondercentral: I just finished this book today and have to say I really found great value in it. Over the years I’ve read a lot about books that address meditation, but this title features the best and most practical discussion about that subject I’ve ever come across. More than that, there’s a lot of really great life advice in this work. As such, I highly recommend Expand This Moment as a spiritual growth resource.

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