A Special Announcement from Pondercentral for Sunday, May 8th, 2011

It is my great pleasure to announce that my second book, Codi’s Journey is now available in both print and eBook formats. While this title is a memoir about my Border Colllie who passed in 2005, it does have some very obvious spiritual overtones, and as such may be of interest to Pondercentral subscribers (especially those who have loved and lost beloved animal companions).

The truth is I always felt that “beneath the fur” Codi was a sentient being with far deeper insights into life than commonly thought. And, during the last year of her life three sessions she had with a very talented animal communicator named Pam Sourelis completely confirmed the accuracy of that feeling. In this book I describe these sessions within the context of an inspiring and heartfelt narrative illustrating the very challenging circumstances Codi faced during her final 12 months. I also share many engaging anecdotes about her personality and several of her more memorable adventures over the years. A charming photo gallery with 42 captioned images further brings Codi to life.

Codi’s Journey is currently available in eBook form on Amazon.com, the Apple iBookstore, and BarnesandNoble.com. A print version of the book also is available via Amazon.com’s CreateSpace subsidiary. For more information or to purchase a signed copy of the book directly from me, I invite you to please visit Codipup.com.

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