BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 by Dr. J. Kennedy Schultz in IN ALL THINGS GIVE THANKS excerpted from GRATITUDE: A WAY OF LIFE

“An attitude of gratitude in the midst of all things will allow us to make all things new. It will allow us to make something better out of both the best and the worst that comes our way, because an attitude of gratitude puts us in right relationship with God, the creative power of our lives. And, our creative power flows forth best into our minds and hearts when we are open to it.

So don’t clog up the Divine wavelengths of your consciousness by fears that the good that is coming your way won’t last forever, or that the bad you are experiencing will. Just take the time in the midst of it all to be thankful that there is an eternally durable wisdom at work within you that knows how to use it all to your ultimate advantage. If you do this, you make yourself a person who moves through life retaining the best and discarding the rest as a matter of course. This takes the struggle out of daily living in the funny old world of ours, and sets us free to live more easily.”

Dr. J. Kennedy Schultz, in “In All Things Give Thanks” excerpted from “Gratitude: A Way of Life”

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