BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011 by Dan Millman in WAY OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR

“If you don’t get what you want you suffer; if you get what you don’t want, you suffer; even when you get exactly what you want, you still suffer because you can’t hold onto it forever. Your mind is your predicament. It wants to be free of change, free of pain, free of the obligations of life and death. But change is a law, and no amount of pretending will alter that reality. Life is not suffering; it’s just you that will suffer it, rather than enjoy it, until you let go of your mind’s attachments and just go for the ride freely, no matter what happens.”

                Dan Millman, in “Way of the Peaceful Warrior”

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“Possession of material riches, without inner peace, is like dying of thirst while bathing in a lake. If material poverty is to be avoided, then spiritual poverty is to be abhorred! For it is spiritual poverty, not material lack, that lies at the core of all human suffering.”

                Paramhansa Yogananda

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