PONDER on THIS for Saturday, July 2nd, 2011 by Jana Shiloh in HEART FUSION THE MAGIC IMPRINTING OF WATER

“Let’s look at suppression of emotions for a moment. Suppression can keep us dishonest in our relationships with ourselves and with others…Suppression of feelings also requires a huge amount of energy, since you are holding down whatever is not being expressed. In addition, this means that you cannot receive the “Light” or the joy that would otherwise be available to you. When you think of someone with a “stiff upper lip,” you don’t see a person who is vibrant and fun-loving, spreading joy in their wake. This constant suppression creates energy blockages that cause “disease,” very much like a physical toxin!

Expressions like, “It is eating me up” and “It makes me sick” reflect back this reality. How can the self-regulating or self-corrective principle come into play when we are holding ourselves in so tightly that nothing can move or flow? Eventually, the Energetic Matrix gives up and says, “Ok, this is what you want? This is what I will do. I will not move, change, or heal myself. I will surrender to what you want: this stasis of imbalance. I will put all of my energy into keeping the status quo of suppression.”

These rigid places have to be free for our total Being (our Energetic Matrix) to be able to breathe, expand, and evolve!”

         Jana Shiloh, in “HEART FUSION™ the Magic Imprinting of Water”

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Compiler’s Note: I bought this book recently, and have found it to be so fascinating that I felt it deserved a special Saturday posting on Pondercentral.

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