PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, July 20th, 2011 by Dr. Christine Ranck & Christopher Lee Nutter in IGNITE THE GENIUS WITHIN

“…Your obstacles are not the result of an external world keeping you down but are actually an expression of your own hidden desires. And if you make your obstacles, then you can also unmake them. This discovery makes it conceivable that nothing is fixed, but rather that everything, including you, exists in a state of possibility and therefore can change.

This transition from passivity into taking full responsibility and power over your life is an “ah-ha!” moment that means living in one world one minute and living in a totally different one the next. And that is moving without moving. In science, moving to a different plane of existence without physically moving is also called a “quantum leap,” and it is something that you have the power to do because quantum leaps can be entirely internal. All it takes to make a quantum leap is the application of your full awareness on what you desire, and then watching it unfold…as it always has.”

      Dr. Christine Ranck & Christopher Lee Nutter, in “Ignite the Genius Within”
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