BEST of PONDER on THIS for Monday, July 25th, 2011 by Barbara Sher in I COULD DO ANYTHING, IF I ONLY KNEW WHAT IT WAS

“What is the difference between “work” and a “job?” You labor at both of them. You could make money at both of them. But there’s a real difference, and you know it. A job only pays the rent. After that, it might have no further meaning to you. But, your life’s work feels worth doing. It’s all meaning, whether it makes money or not.”  

      Barbara Sher, in “I Could Do Anything, If I Only Knew What it Was”

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“Force is always, and everywhere, a sign of fear – that is, a sign of weakness. Behind the vast armies and navies which we call the great powers of the world, there is fear. Fear it is that drives us out to war. Fear is the father of ferocity, and the forger of the sword.  From the Creative point of view, which is God’s point of view, force is weakness, and only Love is power.”

         G. A. Studdert Kennedy, in “The Wicket Gate” [1923]

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