PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, July 26, 2011 by Alan Cohen in DARE TO BE YOURSELF

“There is one criterion by which you can ascertain if you are looking a situation with a clear mind: Can you laugh about it? If you cannot, you can be sure fear has gotten a foothold on your consciousness and clouded your ability to see the bigger picture. There is nothing in this world that is beyond laughter. In fact, the heavier a situation seems, the more we need to laugh about it. An inability to see the humor in a situation means you are stuck somewhere and you need to look at it from a higher perspective…A Course in Miracles tells us that “all sin ends in laughter.” This means that you know you are healed and complete with a situation when you can laugh about it. It further means that you when we release our judgments about ourselves and others, we can laugh about them. Forgiveness and laughter walk side by side; where you find one, you will always find the other.”

                Alan Cohen, in “Dare to Be Yourself”

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