PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 by Terry Cole-Whittaker in LIVE YOUR BLISS

“Wishful thinking does not serve others. It’s mainly about what we will get, rather than what we can give. Until we become absorbed in the process of contributing to the welfare of others, all we have a wishes and shattered dreams. Once we activate and set in motion the opulent flow of divine energy by offering our knowledge, expertise, and life-enhancing products, then the floodgates open and all sorts of expected and unexpected gifts, money, and opportunities start flowing to us. If we stop giving or receiving, we experience stagnation.

Do it, now. Stop waiting for a better time or for when you have more money, your bills are paid, your children are grown, you lose weight, get a boyfriend or husband, the economy is better, or there is peace in the world. Start doing what you love as you life’s work. Do what generates your sweet feelings and creates a space for others to also feel good. Begin to offer your goods and services.”

                              Terry Cole-Whittaker, in “Live Your Bliss”

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