PONDER on THIS for Thursday, August 25th, 2011 by Alan Cohen in RELAX INTO WEALTH

“Sometimes a challenging experience or an adventure that stretches you brings you a benefit that is not obvious at the moment, but bears fruit over time. One of my clients lost his job as an entertainer and sought a new one over two years’ time. This period was quite trying for him, for his self-esteem was tied up in his performance and the approval of others. In our coaching it became apparent to both of us that he had given his power away to his role, and much of his life’s reward had depended on other people’s opinion of him.

His jobless time afforded him the tremendous opportunity to recognize his worth not for what he does but for who he is. Though difficult at first, the lesson eventually sank in and he developed a sense of self-acceptance and self-respect that he never would have enjoyed if he continued to let other people be the source of his validation. When he finally returned to the workforce, he had grown and solidified so much that he was like a new person, his performance was far superior to what it had been, and most important, he bore a sense of wholeness he had previously not owned.”

                          Alan Cohen, in “Relax into Wealth”

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