PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 by Esther and Jerry Hicks in GETTING INTO THE VORTEX

“From your human perspective, you often believe that you must work hard to overcome obstacles and satisfy shortages and solve the problems that are before you; but often, in that attitude or approach, you work against yourself without realizing it. Attention to obstacles makes them bigger and prolongs them – and attention to a problem prevents any immediate resolution or solution.”

        Esther and Jerry Hicks, in “Getting into the Vortex”

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“Do you want more money, more prosperity in your life? Then shift from a consciousness of effects (materiality) to a consciousness of cause (spirituality). When you give power to an effect, you are giving it YOUR power. You are actually giving the effect power over you. Does money have power? If you say “yes” – you have given it YOUR power and you have become the servant. You have reversed the roles.”

        John Randolph Price, in “The Abundance Book”

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