BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, September 21st, 2011 by Emmet Fox in YOUR HEART’S DESIRE

“There is only one Fundamental Energy in the Universe, but this energy may be applied by us either constructively or destructively, because God has given us Free Will. When we use it constructively, we are acting in harmony with God, and we are improving ourselves and our lives in every possible respect, and we are helping the world in general too. When we use it destructively, we damage ourselves, retard our progress, and waste an opportunity of helping mankind at large.

We use our energy destructively whenever we think or talk fear and limitation; whenever we grumble, or give way to self-pity, or indulge in useless regrets, or, in fact, in any form of negative thinking. Most of all do we use our God-given energy destructively when we hold thoughts of criticism and condemnation of others. All bitterness, resentment, spiritual pride, and self-righteousness, are peculiarly disastrous methods of using the Great Power, and that is why such thinking causes the terrible havoc that it does in people’s lives.”  

                    Emmet Fox, in “Your Heart’s Desire”

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