BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 by Richard Bach in RUNNING FROM SAFETY

“You declare ‘Life Is,’ knowing that it’s true, and you work your little heart out to transform what you will…And it doesn’t change…You keep working, and you watch for coincidence to come strolling your way. Watch carefully, for it always comes in disguise.

We need to walk through this brick wall, because it locks us into appearance of life that we choose to change. We work like crazy to change it, but our wall remains brick, and it gets if anything harder than ever. We’ve checked: there’ no secret door, no ladder, no shovel to dig under…solid brick…Remember that this world is not reality. It’s a playground of appearances on which we practice overcoming seems-to-be with our knowing of Is. The Principle of coincidence is a power tool that promises, in this playground, to take us to the other side of our wall.”

            Richard Bach, in “Running From Safety”

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“Darkest day in history, when someone invented property,
Cause of our misery is the constant lust for property.
Since God began it, we’ve been dividing up the planet,
When you see something you want it, you got to put your name-tag on it,
And we go on carving meanwhile half the world is starving, it’s a crime.”

    Todd Rundgren, in “Property” from the CD “No World Order”

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