PONDER on THIS for Thursday, October 13th, 2011 by Lisette Larkins in DIFFICULT PEOPLE

“Most people’s daily lives are spent in a chronic roller coaster of emotional reactions to one thing after another. No wonder most people feel chronically unwell and exhausted. If you come home after work and feel drained or worn out, then you are aligned with outer circumstances, not inner stillness. Since the mind exists to be offended by this or that disturbance and to unconsciously chase and react to problems, persistent peace and well-being are impossible following its lead.

From the perspective of an awakened state, almost everyone is compulsively focusing on minutia and meaninglessness, but they seem to have no idea whatsoever what this is costing them…The degree of anxiety, worry, and agitation that result from an unquestioned, chronically noisy mind can be as dysfunctional as that of any patient in a psychiatric hospital. It’s not the degree of misalignment: you are either in the moment or not, and knocking your head against the wall is no different from polite fault-finding of minutia.”

            Lisette Larkins, in “Difficult People: A Gateway to Enlightenment”

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