BEST of PONDER on THIS for Friday, November 4th, 2011 by Ken Keyes, Jr.

“Meher Baba described the
relationship between God and humanity this way: ‘It is for the sake of
Love that the universe sprang into existence, and for the sake of Love
that it is kept going.’ God decided to play a game with Himself for ‘his
conscious enjoyment of his own Divinity.’ He divided Himself into
countless millions of pieces. Each piece, such as yourself, has the
ego-based illusion that it is a separate individual, whereas actually you are a chip off the old block.

we’re unaware of this connection, we live our lives as though we’re
separate from God and from one another. The game God chose to play
requires us to discover through the unfolding of love that we are one
with God. It is the task of each piece (you, me) to gradually awaken to
the experience – not merely the belief – that we are all a part of God.”

     The late Ken Keyes, Jr., in an essay entitled “Finding God Through Love”

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