PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 by Paul Greblick in YOU HAVE ANGELS

“Your Angels WANT to help you and have the same goals for your life as you do – complete peace, balance, and happiness. It doesn’t bother them to help, guide, and serve you. In fact, they have no higher purpose than to serve those God created – and that’s you.

Your needs are important or you wouldn’t have been designed with them just as they are. Notice that the word is “designed” and not just “created.” You were carefully designed to be exactly as you are, and with your specific needs. Your needs are all designed to be met in every way that is right for you.
Other people might have accepted the thought that by connecting with God and the Angels, they might be told they would have to join the priesthood or a convent or some other role with lots of sacrifice involved.

Since most, if not all, dictionary definitions of God describe Him as all-powerful, why the heck would you, personally, have to sacrifice anything that would being you joy and wholeness and freedom to just be yourself?”

                     Paul Greblick, in “You Have Angels”
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Compiler’s Note: Paul Greblick has created what he calls the Inner Influencing Technique, which is designed to act like a “virus cleaner” in the subconscious mind, clearing negative emotions caused by hidden contributors that affect every human being. I listened to an interview with him on BlogTalk Radio recently and I have to say the theory behind this work makes great sense. I also found the work he did with listening audience during that interview helped me personally to release some stressful energy from my body. He’s just finishing up the creation of products based on his Inner Influencing program; when they become available I’ll post that information as a follow-up to today’s message.

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