PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, January 25th, 2011 by Dr. Eric Kaplan in THE 5 MINUTE MOTIVATOR

“We were not born walking and talking. The first time we walked, we fell. The first words we uttered, we stuttered. The first time we read, added, multiplied, divided, shot a basket, or swung a bat or a golf club, we met with some degree of failure. Yet, we persisted. Remember how awkward your first date was? I’ll bet it wasn’t your last date. Life is a culmination of learning experiences based entirely on obstacles and failures. Remember, it’s the rocks in the stream that give the river its music.

There was once a little boy who armed himself with a bat and ball and went out to play. He began by throwing the ball up in the air and trying to hit it as it came down. However, with every toss came a strike. Time and time again he threw the ball in the air attempting to hit it. After an hour of futility, the boy picked up the ball and said, “Boy, am I a good pitcher.”

                 Dr. Eric Kaplan, in “The 5 Minute Motivator”

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