Correction to “Ponder on This” for 2-9-2012

A few subscribers wrote to inform me there was an error in the “Ponder on This” message yesterday. In one sentence the word “sold” was used instead of “soul.” This is proof that my typing is not always 100 percent accurate!  Here’s the correct message with the repaired sentence highlighted:

her life, Teresa stressed the importance of beginning the journey of
self-knowledge. This journey requires an ability to be very honest with
oneself and a desire for self-responsibility. It means that we no longer
blame others for the state of our soul, or project our old wounds onto
new (or old) friends.
It means we are able to acknowledge to ourselves,
and speak clearly to others, the thoughts and emotions we are
experiencing…We are a grand mixture of ancestral, genetic,
psychological, and spiritual components. All these come to light in our
daily lives, and many of them are not as attractive as we would desire.

reminded us that by acknowledging these not-so-welcome traits, we are
entering into humility – the place where we understand that we are
superior to none, the place we can all afford to dwell in.”

             Megan Don, in “Meditations with Teresa of Avila”

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