PONDER on THIS for Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer in YOUR SACRED SELF

“When your drop your ego beliefs, you are on the way to becoming one of those people Jean Houston describes who have managed to grasp their spiritual identity and fulfill their sacred questions. In a taped interview with New Dimensions Radio, Houston says of these people: “They all had little of narcissism, little of self-interest. They actually had very little self-consciousness at all. They simply didn’t waste time worrying about their self-presentation. They were in love with life. They were in state of constant engagement with all fields of life, whereas most people are encapsulated bags of skin, carrying around little egos. In order to get to this place you have to shatter the illusion of your separateness.

Your idea of yourself, which is what your ego is, will make itself known over and over as you attempt to shatter the illusion. And when you know that you are not separate, when that idea of yourself has shattered, you will experience a new kind of peacefulness.”

               Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, in “Your Sacred Self”

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