BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, June 20th, 2012 by Dan Millman in EVERYDAY ENLIGHTENMENT

“The wisdom, the power, the courage, the love, the kingdom of Heaven – are inside us. It’s just that we forget. We forget to trust ourselves; we forget to listen; we forget to pay attention to the highest and best inside us. We forget because we’ve been sleeping, slumbering, dreaming, wishing, hoping, while love has been waking us, shaking us, calling us to open the shades and let in the light of awareness. It’s time to take hold of our lives, time to accept ourselves, our world, and our present reality even as we aspire to our highest ideals.

Awakening your heart produces a natural, graceful, expansive state of unconditional love – no strings attached. That means you cannot help but love, even when others do not love you back. It does NOT mean that you always FEEL an emotion of love or that you love every personality; it means you have found the will to treat others with kindness and compassion irrespective of feelings.”

                Dan Millman, in “Everyday Enlightenment”

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