BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 by Sharon Huffman in GRATITUDE, A WAY OF LIFE BY LOUISE HAY AND FRIENDS

“The key to a happy, healthy, and successful life is gratitude. It uplifts us and sustains and draws us to what we want. We become a magnet for our good. When we give gratitude to life, life gives back to us. When we feel grateful, people, as well as the abundance of the universe, are drawn to us. If you have money problems and you find a penny, FEEL gratitude with great intensity, and you will draw more money to you. When we give thanks for the situations and events in our life that are challenging, knowing that we are being blessed with wisdom from this experience, the very act of gratitude transforms the negative experience into a positive one. When we express gratitude, we draw to us people and situations to be grateful for. That is the magic of gratitude.”

Sharon Huffman, in an essay entitled “Gratitude, The Key to a Happy, Healthy, Successful Life” in “Gratitude, A Way of Life” by Louise Hay and Friends

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“Day 21: Infinite Abundance…You may experience moments of unrest as you begin to realize you are fully responsible for the current situations in your life. What joy you will experience as you release the fears and habits that have kept you captive! You will also learn to release the angst you have held toward others. No longer will any of you need to supress others in order to experience all you desire…Your passion will surpass anything you have thus far experienced on Earth as each of you works together to support and encourage one another.”

 Reverend Theresa Crabtree in “Mayan Messages: Daily Guide to Self-Empowerment”

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