BEST of PONDER on THIS for Monday, August 13th, 2012 by Mark Thurston in DISCOVERING YOUR SOUL’S PURPOSE

“What kind of person is attracted to the search for a mission in life? What sort of individual wants to discover the soul’s purpose? Most likely such a seeker is someone whose life is generally going all right, but who senses that there must be a something more.  However, that something more is probably not a new book to read or a new concept to study. The missing element is something deeper, more at the heart of what the individual is all about.

It is a part of you that is hurting which wants to look for a deeper sense of purpose in life. The part of you that is comfortable and content is not particularly interested in change or challenge. There must, in this sense, be a window of vulnerability if you are to see deeper into yourself and find a profound meaning to your life, even a calling to be or to do something very specific. Certainly, it is a painful matter to put yourself into a vulnerable place and, moreover, to stay there long enough to allow insight or healing to emerge. It takes courage to search for your unique purpose in life.”

            Mark Thurston, in “Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose”

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