PONDER on THIS for Monday, October 8th, 2012 by JB Lewis in THE MIRACLE OF YOU: BACK TO CONSCIOUSNESS

“Since time is not a real factor in the Absolute, creation appears instant since all that exists, exists right now. That would explain why God is never in a hurry because, to be in a hurry, God would have to be aware of time, and God is not. There is no separation from things happening then, now or someday. It is all happening at this very moment since God happens all at once – not in segments. Things seem like they take forever to us because we constantly monitor the clock and calendar we’ve created.

We’ve separated One Moment of Now into a grid of time and segmented the rotation of the Earth and the passing of light to dark into day and night. Just to think very simply, go into space and look back at our solar system – all that will be seen are planets orbiting the Sun; there is no giant watch tracking all the movements of the Universe. Time is a human conception and plays no part in creation. If you’re ‘waiting’ on something to be created you are putting your focus on something that can only exist as an intangible idea and will therefore only create the experience of ‘waiting on time’.”

             JB Lewis, in “The Miracle of You: Back to Consciousness”
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Compiler’s Note: This book has several gems of wisdom that I found were of particular value to me. Note that it’s definitely a metaphysical work as opposed to being religious in nature.

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