PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, January 16th, 2012 by Brenda J. Bentley, in EAT, GUILT, REPENT, REPEAT

“The key principle to eating intuitively is about getting back in rapport with your body. To listen, understand and respond to the many ways your body lets you know it’s time to eat and when you’ve had enough. As a result, intuitive eaters are able to retain their healthy, default, natural weight effortlessly. This means you need to work from the inside-out and this starts with changing what you’ve learned so far. You came into this world eating intuitively according to the natural rhythm of your hunger and satiety cycles and along the way you’ve learned differently. You became out of touch with your body, your feelings and yourself. You’ve learned to ignore what you want and desire, and put in its place things you think you should want and eat or shouldn’t want and don’t eat.

You already know yourself better than anyone else. So you need to learn to trust in yourself to distinguish between emotional and physical hunger and respond accordingly. You can return to eating without struggle, guilt, deprivation or obsession with food. If you were to eat based on internal signals of biological hunger instead of external signals of schedule, time, stress or other triggers you would be able to return to your body’s natural weight and maintain it.”

                Brenda J. Bentley, in “Eat, Guilt, Repent, Repeat”
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