PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013 by John Selby in EXPAND THIS MOMENT

“Try this: bring to mind someone you know, anybody. Hold this person in your mind and heart a moment, then say to him or her: “I accept you just as you are.” Ah, what a relief! You feel a great flood of relaxation and joy when you realize you can accept others just as they are. They’re fine! Let them be. They’re not your responsibility. Let them off the judgment hook, and you set them free to flower and flourish. And at the same time, you set yourself free.

Every day, run through the list of people in your life, silently say to each of them, “I accept you and love you just as you are,” and experience the great release of compassion, energy, and spontaneous healing that you unleash. Say it. Do it.”

                             John Selby, in Expand this Moment

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