Best of PONDER on THIS for Friday, October 18th, 2013 by Fr. Anthony DeMello in WALKING ON WATER

“SPIRITUALITY IS BEING AWAKE. Getting rid of illusions. Spirituality is never being at the mercy of any event, thing or person. Spirituality means having found the diamond inside yourself. Religion is intended to lead you there. “What good does it do to win the world and lose your soul?” Think about what you feel when you look at a sunset or are in contact with nature. And compare that with your feeling when you are appreciated, applauded, praised. The first kind of feelings, I call feelings of the soul; the second is what I call feelings of the world. Think about the feeling you have when you win a race or an argument, when you get to the top, when you reach success. Feelings of the world.

The feelings of the world aren’t natural; they were invented by your society and mine to control us. The don’t lead to happiness, only to excitement, emptiness, and anxiety. Think about your own life. Is there even a single day when you aren’t consciously or unconsciously oriented toward what others think, feel or say about you? Your steps are controlled; you march to the drumbeat. Look around. See if you find anyone who is free of such feelings. Feelings of the world. Everywhere you find people chained to feelings of the world, living empty. They have gained the world but lost their souls.”

                         Fr. Anthony DeMello, S.J., in “Walking on Water”

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