PONDER on THIS for Monday, November 18th, 2013 by Edwin Harkness Spina in MYSTIC SECRETS REVEALED

“There is no other mission on earth as critical as learning to tap into your inner self for guidance and expressing your inner light. As numerous spiritual traditions assert, “The highest and best source of wisdom comes from within.” Learning to ask for, listen and accept this guidance is essential to developing spiritually.

When you have tapped into your inner self, you then can use your mind to interpret the “voice” of your inner master, and take inspired action to create or express yourself – whether you are writing, painting, singing, working, playing, or simply thinking.

Now, be forewarned: there are those who may tell you that relying on your “mind” is dangerous – that doing so is egotistical. Some “schools” of thought actually argue humans think too much and, to balance this tendency, they should rely more on emotion and instinct. This theory misses the point entirely. The question is not whether you, or anyone else, thinks too much, but rather, WHAT VOICE DO YOU LISTEN TO – the voice of your ego or that of your higher self?”

                      Edwin Harkness Spina, in “Mystic Secrets Revealed”

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