PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 by Sara Wiseman in LIVING A LIFE OF GRATITUDE

“There may or not be a pearly gate to heaven, guarded by St. Peter. There may or not be a time of reckoning with points tallied up, sins examined under a celestial microscope. It is your choice to believe in this version of the afterlife or not – for really, what does anyone know?

Few have crossed the line and returned to tell. And what they do tell – of white tunnels, bright light and angels – doesn’t seem to include a ledger in the clouds for “naughty” and “nice.” When you lift off from the idea of right or wrong, good or bad, take punitive moralistic views out of the equation, and focus instead on heart’s opening into compassion, connection, love…this becomes the true measure of our lives.

Not what job we had, but how much we cared for others.
Not how much money we made, but how much we loved.
Not how many trips we took, but how much we enjoyed.”

              Sara Wiseman, in “Living a Life of Gratitude”

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