PONDER on THIS for Friday, January 6th, 2012 by Paul Greblick in INNER INFLUENCING

“Stored negative feelings cause more damage and discord to your life than you can ever imagine. They are your cause for lack of control over your life, and all kinds of lack and limitation that you are experiencing. Your subconscious will try to keep those feelings from your awareness because they throw off your emotional balance and equilibrium. So, it will keep you from experiences that may add to your life if any of those old feelings will be triggered as a result. If this sounds too inconsequential, think of the number of lottery winners that go bankrupt, or have their lives go down the proverbial tubes after winning it.

The reason for this is that all of their stored emotional energy – the negative unresolved feelings from the past – are being triggered with the new over-the-top “good” thing. In reality, their systems couldn’t handle that much money to begin with, so that’s why it kept it away – to avoid the emotional upheaval. Everything good in your life is being kept away because of potential emotional upheaval that your subconscious is trying to protect you from.”

         Paul Greblick, from his “Inner Influencing” Self-Empowerment Program

Compiler’s Note: Recently I used a passage from this author’s “You Have Angels” eBook, and stated that I would post a follow-up message once his “Inner Influencing” program was available. This program, which is designed to act like a “virus cleaner” in the subconscious mind, is indeed now available, and based on what I’ve read the conceptual framework truly makes great sense. To learn more about this powerful new self-empowerment program, click here.

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