A Request from Pondercentral.com

Ponder on This” messages have been around for nearly 13 years now, and the Pondercentral.com website has been active for almost five. Throughout the course of sending these messages, I’ve done my best to keep to my original intentions in providing this service, which were to: 1. Always keep it free for you 2. Never under any circumstances share your email address with any Internet marketers 3. Very rarely promote my own products, and 4. Not share other content with you besides the “Ponder on This” messages.

Other than occasionally participating in promotions to assist other authors in their book launches, I’ve made a concerted effort not to aggressively market anything to you, because I absolutely hate it when someone takes that approach with me. It’s really been my pleasure to select these messages for you, and I’ve continued to provide this service because many subscribers have told me over the years that they do receive value from the daily quotes.

With that background in mind, my purpose in writing this post is actually to ask a favor of you. If you have not purchased a copy of my book Spirituality Simplified yet, I respectfully request your support in doing so. The reason I am making this appeal, and I assure you I will not make a similar one again, is that my inventory of books is getting to a low enough point where I would like to sell as many as possible of the remaining  copies. This will enable me to transition to a Print on Demand (POD) format for this title sooner, which is far more efficient than stocking and shipping the books myself.

In the event you aren’t very familiar with the book, please visit www.SpiritSimple.com to read excerpts from each of the chapters. There also is a link right on the home page for a free PDF download of Chapter 7, Abundance, and Chapter 9, Forgiveness.

If you are willing to respond to this favor request, you can purchase the book directly from me on SpiritSimple.com, and, it’s just as easy to buy it from the book’s page on Amazon.com.

I sincerely thank you for your time, and your consideration of this request. 

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