PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, February 24th, 2010 by Pete Koerner in THE BELIEF FORMULA

“The components of effective prayer are: A desire that you believe in and that is not detrimental to you, or anyone, in any way; an effectively formatted request, thought form, affirmation, or prayer, that adequately expresses your desire to the Creator; and Belief in the process and that your desired outcome is already assured. Now, you have to have an effective delivery method, which includes: A quiet, peaceful place; a state of mental relaxation (alpha-state); visualization of your desired outcome; and the delivery of your properly formatted prayer action or thought pattern in a way that leaves no doubt in your subconscious mind as to the reality of the outcome. When you combine these elements, you change your world.”

                   Pete Koerner, in “The Belief Formula”

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