PONDER on THIS for Friday, November 12th, 2010 by Gary Zukav in SPIRITUAL PARTNERSHIP

“If you are unable to distinguish between frightened and loving parts of your personality, you will not be able to distinguish between frightened and loving parts of other personalities either. A “passion to protect the environment,” for example, may come from love or from fear. When I stood in clear-cuts that extended as far as I could see and hated the timber industry, my passion came from fear (powerlessness). When I am grateful for Mother Earth, my life, and awed by the exquisitely beautiful and delicate ecology around me, my passion comes from love. Protecting the environment in order to feel worthy or superior is a fear-born passion. Protecting the environment without making others villains because you love Life is a love-born passion. Compassion comes naturally when you can experience all of your passions (frightened parts of your personality and loving parts of your personality) and realize that others have frightened and loving parts of their personalities, too.”

Gary Zukav, in “Spiritual Partnership”

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