PONDER on THIS for Monday, November 22nd, 2010 by Anonymous in IMPERSONAL LIFE

“Once you fully understand the principle I here set down, then all My Message will become clear and comprehensible. I first give you the Key that will unlock every mystery that now hides from you the secret of My Being. This Key, when you know how to use it, will open the door to the Kingdom of Heaven, and then you have but to enter in to become consciously One with Me. The Key is:

“To THINK is to CREATE,” or
“As you THINK in your HEART, so it is with you.”
Stop and meditate on this that it may get firmly fixed in your mind.
A Thinker is a Creator.
A Thinker lives in a world of his own conscious creation.

When you once know how “to think,” you can create at will anything you wish, – whether it be a new personality, a new environment, or a new world.

                Anonymous, in “Impersonal Life”

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